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Salman Rushdie Good Advice Is Rarer Than Rubies Pdf

Good Advice Is Rarer than Rubies describes how people- from the Orient, contrary to oriental thought, are content with living in the east. Miss Rehana, the main protagonist and a very young and beautiful girl from the Orient, is on her way to the British consulate to apply for a permit to go to England when Muhammad Ali, a self proclaimed adviser, begs her to take his advice. He tells her how she should behave in the consulate and how she should respond to their questions. Then he offers to get her a fake passport. Miss Rehana, disappointed by this proposal, rejects it and goes into the consulate. When she comes out with a smile on her face, Muhammad Ali, along with the reader, assumes that she has obtained the permit. However, she tells him that she did not get the permit and that she is quite content with this result, as she did not want to go to England in order to live with her husband of an arranged marriage, whom she had not seen for years (Who is Salman Rushdie, A Man Caught Between Two Worlds).

salman rushdie good advice is rarer than rubies pdf



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