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Braised Octopus A La Plancha

When done right, octopus is divine. If it's not prepared properly, it can be a chewy disaster. Ideally, it should be tender to the bite and have a silky texture similar to lobster (although not as delicate). I suggest sous-vide, poaching, or braising/slowly steaming. In this recipe, I use a full octopus. (As they cook, they will reduce in size). I fill a sauce pan about 1/3 full of water and add a teaspoon of salt. Then place a steamer in the sauce pan and place on medium heat. I slice off the tentacles and place them in the steamer. The water should be simmering, not boiling (medium-low heat). Cover the octopus and let them slowly simmer for about an hour, occasionally turning them over and changing sides. Heat hot griddle to medium-high. Remove octopus from steamer and place them in bowl. Add EVOO, sea salt, ground pepper, garlic powder, and oregano and mix it together. Place on griddle on cook for two to three minutes on both sides until it starts to char. Remove and place on a plate. Add fresh herbs (mint, dill, parsley) and drizzle with EVOO. Serve with lemon wedges.

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